Greenhouses, consultancy and projects implementation

  • ASCOMEX trades greenhouses, tunnels, irrigation systems, computerized monitoring systems for inside plants and climate
  • We offer technological consultancy for our customers
  • Some models of greenhouses and tunnels we offer:

Big greenhouses

Type: Plastic foil greenhouse (click on picture to enlarge)
MSize: 1 ha
Type of culture: vegetables
Includes: metal structure , single/double PE foil
Thermal screen protection
Heating on gas or bio-mass
CO2 enrichment system
Control and dozing system
Artificial substrate
Ventilation system
Automated fertigation system
Big greenhouse Multi tunnel greenhouse ideal for areas of min 5000 m2
Double inflatable foil greenhouse, variable sizes
Variable width arches of de 8, 10, 12m ; height on top: 7-8m
Galvanized steel structure, arches of 60 mm or 70 mm diameter
Double inflatable PE foil D 200 microns
PE foil life: 7-8 years
Inflating system with air
UV and anti dripping PE foil
Snow load: 80 kg/m2, wind velocity max 130 km/h
Top and side ventilation
Opening / Closing fully automated.

Variabile sizes multi blocks greenhouse

Sera medie Multiblock greenhouse ideal for max 2000-3000 m2
Double inflatable foil, variable sizes, min.800 m2
Arches of 8, 10, 12m ; height on top 5/5.5/6 m
Galvanized steel structure ; arches of 60mm or 70mm diameter
Double inflatable PE foil of 200 microns
PE foil lifetime: 7-8 years
Inflatable system with air
Sera medie UV and anti dripping PE foil
Side ventilation with handle
Snow load: 80 kg/m2, wind max speed: 130 km/h
Agronomic support
Professional heating solutions
Irrigation professional solutions
Mounting solutions

Tunnel with double inflatable foil, 510 m2

Sera medie Inflatable double foil tunnel, 510 m2
Length : 51m ; width 10 m ; height on top: 4m
Galvanized steel structure ; arches of 60mm diameter
Double inflatable PE foil, 150 microns
Foil life time : 3-4 years
Inflating foil system : with air
PE foil : UV and anti dripping
Side ventilation with handle
Tunnel design : to prevent snow load
Snow load: 60 kg/m2 , max. wind speed: 100 km/h
Sera medie Mounting consultancy

Computerized systems for irrigation and fertilization

Computerul System irrigate and fertilize depending on climate conditions. As an option we can add humidity sensors for the soil, temperature and for plants, as well
The system includes filters and pressure regulators, it can have up to 40 valves, consequently it can manage 40 individual posts.


Rasadnita Engineering and implementation
Incubating tables, fog and shadow systems
Computerized climate control system
Computerized heating systems

Irrigation systems for greenhouses and open field

  • ASCOMEX offers computerized normal irrigation systems for greenhouses, but for open field as well
  • Drip irrigation hoses are multilayer system, with dripper at variable distances depending on the requests. We can supply the fertilizing pumps, as well
Irigatii BOOM irrigation system