"Be your own gardener" is a program aimed to the non-professional gardeners, who look at the gardening as a pleasant work between plants,
vegetables or flowers, who find this work as an healthy activity, which brings the satisfaction of growing their first flower, or first wire of tomatoes,
or the first green salad and radishes, or green onions. The most beautiful is the feeling that all these plants will be made by your own hand,
in your own hobby greenhouse, without using chemical fertilizers or chemicals for protection against insects or diseases, which can be given even
to your children without the fear that you will harm them.
At the end of the day you will have a healthy vegetable, with natural aroma and taste, as the vegetables we remember from our childhood.
In order to be successful, we offer the full package to you: the hobby greenhouse and a set of instructions within a leaflet which will give you
the technical knowledge of making your own vegetables.